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Good Bedroom Temperature to Sleep

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A bedroom with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is important. You will feel more relaxed if your bedroom is cozy and pleasant.

Your goal in creating a comfortable and relaxed bedroom is to have a room with a calming atmosphere.

You can reach the goal of a calming and relaxing atmosphere by making your bedroom an environment that functions with minimal interruptions or irritations and that is inviting to you.

Room Temperature

The ideal room temperature for sleep is usually 65 to 70 degrees F; however you know your preferences and you can experiment with your own comfort level. You don’t want to find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night because the room temperature is uncomfortable .A humidifier will help if the air is dry, especially in the winter months.

Opening a window slightly will allow for room ventilation. In order for you to breathe in circulating air adequate air current is needed. This will help your body in breathing deeply and correctly.

Noise Sensitivity

If you are sensitive to noise and you find that noises are keeping you awake or interrupting your sleep you may want to try ear plugs. If you’ve never used them, ear plugs may take getting used to, but there are ear plugs available that are very comfortable.

If you don’t want to use ear plugs, you may want to try “white noise”, such as a fan. “White noise” from the fan is used to drown out other noise that may be disturbing to your sleep. There are also several machines available that create “white noise”.

Light and Other Annoyances

Your bedroom should be as dark as possible. Eye masks help block out light. If wearing an eye mask is uncomfortable try hanging thick curtains or install blinds.

If you are watching the clock to see how many hours you have left to sleep you may want to turn position your clock so you cannot see it. Knowing the hours are ticking by only increases your anxiety and stress about not sleeping.

Remove any entertainment equipment from your room. This includes the television and computer equipment. Your bedroom should only be used for sleeping and sex.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You are more likely to wake up during the night if you feel constrained or uncomfortable.

The goal of these tips is to encourage to you find the ideal sleep conditions for you. You may have to experiment and try a variety of techniques to find what works best for you.

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